Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Writers and Turkeys

Tomorrow will be my first Thanksgiving spent with my entire family since I was 20 years old. There will be 13 people at my parents house. Claire and I are doing the turkey (a 18 pounder). We butterfly it, than roast it super hot, the fat drips down into the dressing (challah and sausage) below. Mmmm. And it takes less than two hours to cook.

Things are starting to happen with the L.A. issue. We got a story from Aram Saroyan and poems from Charles Harper Webb, Caley O'Dwyer and Christopher Davidson. I just got word from Tony Barnstone who promised sonnets. He also is helping to spread the word. Unsolicited poems and stories are coming in. Still hoping to get work from Martha Ronk, David St. John and Kevin Moffitt.

Nicholas Reading's chapbook is at the printers and should be back by tonight. They're on sale now for only $5- on our website.

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