Thursday, November 29, 2007

Going Hollywood, Con't

While I can't really say that I'm a star yet, the wheels definitely seem to be in motion.

The name of the movie is "3 Days Gone." I'm not sure if it's going to be released in theaters or not, but my guess would be that it might be a straight to DVD kind of thing. The shoot was at the The Mint, a rock club on Pico. The first three hours involved me sitting around, grazing off of the craft service table (a little disappointing, mostly just heaps of candy and chips, Red Bulls and Cokes), talking with the four other extras, and eavesdropping on the producer's conversations. The ad that I responded to said that we were going to be in a scene acting as patrons of strip club. But to the disappointment of both myself and my fellow male extras, the scenes with the strippers were shot without our involvement (although the trailer they were hanging out in was right next to where we were waiting). After a couple of hours the director and his underlings lined us up, huddled, pointed, conversed and decided. 3 extras were taken for one scene, another (Jonathon) and myself for a later scene. I sat around some more. Our scene ended up being the last one shot last night. Jonathon and I stood on the corner outside of the club. I was smoking a cigarette (literally the first one I had even inhaled in over 10 years). The star of the movie runs over to us, shows us a picture of girl that he's looking for, we say we haven't seen her, then he runs off. 5 takes in 2 minutes. I was done. The director said that the scene was definitely going to make it in.

All in all I have to say it was a good experience. Everybody was really nice, there were no big egos, and in a year or so when the movie comes out I'll have something to bore every person that ever walk in to our house with.

I took my big earnings for the day and went out to dinner with Claire at Pizzeria Mozza, Mario Batali's place on Melrose. The food was good, maybe not great. But Danny Devito, Rhea Perlman, and Jamie Kennedy were all there. So that was pretty cool and really rounded out my Hollywood day.