Friday, September 28, 2007

The Beginning

The view from Highway 101 going north. The nice thing about traffic being there's time for pictures. Spent the day driving around West Hollywood and the area around the Farmer's Market looking for an apartment. Nothing yet. The day wasn't a total loss, had some great Pastrami at Langer's and my wife thinks she saw Tina Yothers at the Coffee Bean on Sunset.

On Wednesday night I saw Joel Brouwer and Christian Wiman read at Casa Romantica in San Clemente. This venue is by far the most "romantic" ever. An old open Spanish building, sitting on the cliffs over looking the ocean. You can actually hear waves breaking behind you as the poets read. White walls, old wooden ceilings. Incredible. First time seeing either read. Really enjoyed Brouwer. The poems from his second book, Centuries (prose poems all 100 words long), are my favorite. I had read some of Wiman's work, but had never heard him. His voice and cadence certainly match his poetry. Collier Nogues (contributor to issue 3.1) was there. Dorianne Laux (fellow Oregonian and Burnside Review favorite) reads there next month.