Monday, November 5, 2007


On Friday I fly back to Portland for this year's Wordstock book festival. This year will be a little different from the previous two. In addition to our table at the bookfair we're running a number of readings. Linda Bierds, Alberto Rios, Robyn Art, Pauls Toutonghi, Carlos Reyes reading Emma Howell's work, and many more. In additional, I'll be reading with poet Tung-Hui Hu. The complete schedule is here. All the readings are free once you pay the $5- to get into the bookfair. The money goes to the Community of Writers. If you're in Portland I hope to see you there.


Elge said...

Actually the $5 gets you into the hall where the readings are so if you want to hear the speakers, you need to pay the $5. The money goes to a good cause though. Wordstock funds the Community of Writers program that teaches writing in public schools.

Sid Miller said...

Didn't realize that, in the past they had it set up differently. I changed the posting.