Sunday, March 16, 2008


Not the beauty kind, although I could use a visit there, haven't had a hair cut in a while. One of these kinds: salon. Chris Davidson hosted it at his house down in Seal Beach. There was beer and wine, a house full of creative types and four presenters. There was a really great painter (whose name I can't even come close to remembering, maybe somebody will remind me), a musician (kind of had a Sondre Lerche thing going on) and two poets. Jeff Lytle just moved to Portland. This is his website, The Peter Principle, kind of an interactive poetry project. He presented the site through a projector and let the crowd navigate through the poems. Cody Gates, down from San Fransisco, read from his really beautifully designed new chapbook, At Bernanke's (I think that's right, if not please correct me).

Thanks to Chris for inviting me, it was a good time.