Monday, March 31, 2008

Oh yeah, poetry

Seems as if the world of poetry has gone less noticed here lately.

I went to a good reading on Friday night at Beyond Baroque. The readers were Sarah Maclay (who read from her new book The White Bride), Stephen Kessler and Ralph Angel. Ralph Angel has a very strong following down here, though I admit that I didn't know all that much about him. He was wonderful. His poems are sparse, smart and heart breaking. He also translates Lorca, and read a few of those pieces (he's also promised a few for the issue!). I had a nice talk with him after the reading. He suggested that we meet for coffee in Pasadena.

Today is the final day to submit for the L.A. issue. We still have a ton of work to go through. Last week we took poems from Suzanne Lummis, Mary Armstrong, Larry Colker, the above mentioned Sarah Maclay and Deborah Meadows. A few more acceptance notes will go out this week.


louise mathias said...

Hey Sid- bummed I missed the deadline for the LA issue. But wanted to tell you about an event you might enjoy- tomorrow night at the Westwood Branch of the LA Public Libary- David St. John and Elena Karina Bryne are reading and giving a talk. Free cocktail and appetizers. Email me if you want more info. Louise

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