Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dios Mio

Claire and I returned yesterday from a wonderful 8 days down in Mexico--a lot of sun, shrimp and tequila.

I've been on the computer almost non-stop since our return. The issue is getting there. I sent out the final round of acceptances and rejections. The issue is going to come out to be over 90 pages, almost 20 pages more than ever before (good news for the our readers, bad news for our bank account). But I think the issue will really be great. I've worked harder on this issue than any issue previous. Regina Godfrey has supplied us with another stunning cover. Bill and I will lay the issue out after my return to Portland (on June 3rd). From there it's off to the graphic designer, then to the printer, then proofs to the contributor's, back to the graphic designer, then finally to the printer. All by June 30th? That's the goal. We'll see.

The poetry chapbook contest is also in full swing. Paul Guest is judging this year and the entries are starting to pour in.

We're also in the process of bringing some new readers on to screen submissions.

Claire and I will be up in L.A. on Friday for our final farewell to the city.