Friday, January 18, 2008

These Days

We only have 1 vehicle and most nights Claire takes it with her to work. And while most Los Angeleans would say that man without a car in this city is like parrot inside a cage within the Amazon forest, I've come to enjoy it, it's a different kind of freedom. My new favorite pastime is having 2-3 drinks, then talking long walks while listening to melancholy music on the ipod. I usually walk through The Grove, Farmer's Market, up Fairfax, on Beverly, sometimes up and down Melrose or La Cienega. The people always beautiful. I've been listening the usual kind of stuff, Leonard Cohen, Kinks, basically anything Wes Anderson has ever put on a sound track (Simon & Garfinkel's "The Only Living Boy in NY, Nico's "These Days"). But also Pedro the Lion, The National's new excellent album, Okkervil River, and my super duper favorite, Songs: Ohia's Magnolia Electric Co. The movement combined with the contradiction of sight and sound is very enjoyable, invigorating even.