Wednesday, October 24, 2007


This was the view today looking south from Venice Beach. Today was cloudless, what you see in this picture is the eerie smoke from the Santiago Canyon fires blowing out towards the ocean.

On Monday, my sister who lives in Valencia, was evacuated. She had time to pack Jack (my nine month old nephew) in the car, grab some baby stuff and a few pictures. Luckily the fire just missed and she's back at home.

My parents live in Lake Forest, still in the house I grew up in. On their way home from work last night they could see a line of fire above Foothill Ranch, seven or so miles away. Although they and the house were in no immediate danger, they are certainly rattled. Everything outside of the house everything is covered in soot and ash. While talking with my Mom this morning she was continually coughing. Modjeska Canyon is just to the east. I took my wife hiking there a couple weeks ago, reveling in the nostaglia of my youth. As a teenager, the forest there was a well needed escape from suburbia. Plenty of joints and cans of beer consumed on those trails. It's still on fire. Very sad.


John Hollowell said...

Dear Sid...
Your mom led me to this site. If you are near Farmer's Market, I suggest going to Canter's on Fairfax for a very large pastrami sandwich.
My son Daron, who is in the music biz, will move to LA after Jan. 1 of 08.
Welcome to La, JH

Radish King said...

He's a lucky boy Jack. Jack is always the hero in fairy tales.